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During the height of the dot-com boom, Jeff Mallet and Mark Lefler worked together to create a game called "Zillions of Games" (ZoG). Not only could ZoG play Chess, it could play pretty much any variant of Chess as well as a lot of other abstract strategy games.

It was a huge hit in the Chess variant community, with hundreds of games made by well over a dozen people soon being available for Zillions. Unfortunately for Mallet and Lefler, this community was very tiny, and they did not make too much revenue with Zillions. After releasing 2.0 in 2002, Zillions began to languish: They stopped updating or making new versions of the Zillions program.

Their website recently has had issues with the third party game downloads not working. They did not work for a few months in 2012; they were not working from mid-2013 until August 29, 2013.

Likewise, interest in making rules files for Zillions has waned. Only three new rules files have been added to in the last year; compare this to the over 40 contributed over a one-year period four years ago.

That in mind, I am making this museum of the Zillions game database available.

What's here

This is an August 29, 2013 download of all of the third-party games which are available at

Also available:

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If anyone has other Zillions rules files not available here, please contact me.

On a personal note: I like Zillions because it has an adjustable difficulty slider and can be set up to play some really fun club-level chess games full of cheesy mistakes (The PDF uses these Zillions game rules).

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