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Zillions of Games museum entrance

These are some miscellaneous Zillions of Games files I either found on the Internet or made myself.

File size   File name

Rin.zrf: ( Rules at ) Zillions implementation of Polgar Star Chess Evans gambit accepted (

Evans-Accepted-Blue.7z: Evans gambit accepted (blue-colored board) ( A number of different possible lines in the Evans, to make up for Zillions' repetitive gameplay. A tool for making pretty much any 8x8 or 8x10 setup. My final two Chess Variant inventions from 2009 Smaller zip file without tile graphics. My final two Chess Variant inventions from 2009 Revised in 2013 to fix pawn promotion bugs, and to add tile graphics. This will probably be the last Zillions file I make.